You Have Rights. I’ll Fight For You

You Have Rights.
I’ll Fight For You

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Relentless And Compassionate Fight For Your Rights

The law in the United States is based on the assumption that every individual is innocent until proven guilty and has rights to protect and defend themselves. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you deserve an aggressive and caring lawyer to advocate for your rights.

After handling thousands of cases over nearly 20 years, I know how to fight aggressively to protect the rights of my Florida clients. When I work with you at Presser Law Firm, I will go over every detail, fact and circumstance that led to your arrest. You are facing a difficult challenge. You should have an experienced ally in your corner.

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A Lawyer Who Will Not Give Up On Your Case

Criminal charges have the potential to change the life of an individual radically. Remember that you have the right to remain silent and to have a lawyer with you. Call Presser Law Firm to discuss your case as soon as possible. I am available 24/7 for you or your loved ones to answer your questions and address your concerns.

It is essential to start working on your case before you go to court to build your defense. However, if a lawyer drops your case, I am ready to take on your defense at whatever stage you are in. From arguing the charges against you to fighting back to reduce your penalties, rest assured I will make every effort to protect your rights as if you were part of my family.

I am ready to discuss your legal needs regarding:

  • Misdemeanors and juvenile crime
  • Violations of probation
  • DUI /DWI cases
  • Drug possession and trafficking
  • Aggravated battery and/or assault

I am highly committed to providing quality legal services and ongoing follow-ups for my clients. My dedication to good service and reliable, skilled representation has earned me many referrals from past and current clients. I take cases that many would give up on, but I will fight until the end.

Talk To Me First. Call Now.

Talk to me before discussing your case with anyone else. Call 954-764-1080 or fill out my online contact form. You have rights, and I will defend them. Free initial consultation.