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When can police legally use drug-sniffing dogs?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Drug Offenses |

Drug-sniffing dogs can be controversial, and it is important for Florida residents to know when it is legal for the police to use them. Courts have gone over the rules for when police can use these dogs several times, so make sure you know the most up to date and recent laws.

What are the drug dog rules?

In general, police can use drug-sniffing dogs when they have a reasonable suspicion. That means they cannot simply allow a dog to sniff anyone who walks by on the sidewalk. This would violate the Fourth Amendment because you have not consented to a search.

The major exception is traffic stops. If an officer develops reasonable suspicion during a traffic stop, they can impose a dog search if they have a dog with them . However, the officer cannot legally delay or lengthen a traffic stop to give a dog time to arrive if there is not one already present. If you are stopped by an officer and he requests time to get a dog, you can ask if you are free to go, and you are not obligated to consent to a search, turn over your keys, or allow them into the car.
It can be intimidating to deal with a drug-sniffing dog, but as long as you know your rights and you understand how and when the dog can be used, you can feel confident in managing the situation. Know your rights and be sure not to consent to any search when you don’t need to do so.