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Why gun pointing is a crime in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

Safety is never guaranteed around a loaded gun. Hunting accidents that result in bodily injuries occur often, even when there is no intent to kill other people. Pointing a gun at an unarmed person or group of people is a risky event and a serious crime in Florida.

Gun pointing is a felony crime

Pointing a gun at someone is a felony in Florida and may result in an aggravated assault charge. The average charge is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but without intent to kill. A person can be charged with one or more counts based on the number of people who were targeted. Whether or not the gun was loaded and was believed to be real does not matter either. As long as the gun is pointed, it is assumed that the person wants to shoot and cause physical harm.

Handling a weapons charge professionally

Even if the intent is not to kill anyone, a gun that’s pointed and loaded can still go off accidentally. A person can also use a gun to coerce another person into committing an act by force. The law protects any victim who is placed in this unexpected situation. Even so, everyone who is accused of a crime has the chance to gather enough evidence and defend themselves in court. Fighting off weapons charges requires the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer.

Gun laws protect the public

Many people do not follow basic safety precautions when operating a gun. That is why weapons charges are taken so seriously in Florida and result in felony convictions. The law is designed to protect members of the public from random and premeditated acts of violence. On the other hand, a person accused of this crime has the right to an attorney and a fair trial.