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Knowing defensive gun use could protect you

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Weapons Charges |

According to research efforts, approximately 25.3 million people in Florida and across the country have used guns in self-defense. Other national surveys conducted show that 44% of all U.S. households have at least one gun.

The argument against guns

There are many who believe that guns should be banned altogether and that taking the estimated 350 million guns off the streets in the U.S. would eliminate gun violence. However, one could argue the only people who would abide by imposed anti-gun laws would be those who typically follow the law, and others would still be involved in gun crimes. Some fear that the removal of guns from homes of law-abiding citizens would cause more loss of life than leaving the existing laws as they are.

Gun ownership as crime prevention

Statistics show that even the belief that someone is armed can be a preventative of crime. In one study, 60% of convicted felons stated they were deterred from committing a crime against someone they thought might be armed. More interesting is that 40% of felons said they would not commit crimes against those they knew for sure were armed. The mere thought that someone had a gun was a deterrent against crime.

The problem with gun-free zones

Many economists and criminologists say that the creation of a gun-free zone actually increases the incidents of crime. Because gun-free zones readily advertise there are no guns allowed in a designated area, individuals may not be as concerned about breaking into a home or assaulting another person.

Knowing your rights

Knowing how to handle a gun defensively could save your life one day. If you are going to purchase a firearm, it is important to understand federal and state rules regarding legal self-defense.