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Positive drug test: Leads to medical emergency license suspension

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Drug Offenses |

Residents and health professionals in Fort Lauderdale and other nearby areas of Florida may want to learn more about how a medical provider can receive an emergency suspension of their license. It involves a positive drug test. Officials do not take positive tests lightly.

According to OnlineSunshine, there are Florida statutes that relate to health professionals and occupations, and certain professions that are part of 456.074. They allow for immediate suspension after a positive drug test.

Emergency order suspension

This relates to a healthcare professional who tests positive on a drug test. This can be pre-employment or employer-ordered testing.

No reason for using

The person does not have a reason for using the prescription. They do not have a valid medical reason to be using a drug.

Given time before suspension

The person has 48 hours from the time of the confirmed test. They must produce, within that time, a lawful prescription for the drug. After that, if no prescription appears, they are subject to emergency suspension of their license.

All drug crimes receive serious consideration

Drug offenses have a wide range of penalties. It is not just DUI or losing your driver’s license. A positive drug test for a person who practices a range of medical options means that trusting the healer is made more difficult. Patients rely on the wisdom and help of a medical person. The law makes it clear that those who test positive for drugs, without a prescription, will be punished by the quick loss of their ability to earn a living and continue to do their job.

Medical license suspension can happen quickly when a drug test shows a positive reading. Florida law has provisions for this under legislative statutes, and the state takes it seriously.