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Florida drug trafficking laws

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Drug Offenses |

Under Florida law, it is unlawful to sell, manufacture, deliver or possess with the intent to sell, manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. The more common term for these illegal activities is drug distribution. According to the applicable statute, anyone who knowingly purchases, sells, manufactures, brings into the state, delivers, or is in actual or constructive possession of a controlled substance exceeding the state’s mandates may be charged with the offense.

Drug distribution laws in Florida

The charges and penalties for drug distribution in Florida mainly depend on the type of controlled substance involved in the offense. In Florida, controlled substances are classified into different schedules based on their potential for abuse and their level of medical use in the U.S. Schedule I substances have a high potential for abuse and almost no acceptable medical use. Schedules I through IV constitute felony charges, while Schedule V may result in misdemeanor charges.

Drug trafficking laws in Florida

Charges and penalties for drug offenses are more severe when trafficking is involved. Most trafficking charges in Florida are first-degree felonies. Trafficking charges and penalties for controlled substances increase according to the weight or amount involved. Each controlled substance has its own set of mandatory sentencing and fines that correspond with escalating tiers of weight ranges.

There are federal laws against drug trafficking and distribution as well. For example, people who have been convicted for the possession of 1 kilogram of heroin or 5 kilograms of cocaine can be facing a minimum of 10 years in prison.