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Concerns about telemarketing fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Felony Offenses |

Telemarketing continues to be an effective way to sell products or services. While many people don’t appreciate intrusive calls, enough of the consumer public provides enough sales to keep telemarketing operations feasible. Unfortunately, people could become too trusting of telemarketing calls, not realizing someone might be running a scam. Telemarketing scams targeting Florida residents could leave those organizing the scheme in severe legal jeopardy.

Types of telemarketing scams

Likely, the simplest telemarketing scam involves offering something with no intention of delivering. A victim might assume they are ordering a brilliant new tech product, only to discover it never arrives in the mail. In some cases, the telemarketing firm had no intention of delivering anything.

Some scams involve calling people to procure credit card information for future unauthorized use. Similarly, a telemarketing scheme might acquire sensitive information for identity theft purposes.

Various other endeavors could seek to separate innocent, unknowing victims from their funds. A long-time scam involves callers claiming to offer virus protection or other computer services to convince someone to pay for help.

Telemarketing fraud charges

Proving intent often factors into proving felony charges related to telemarketing fraud. A company may fail to deliver on promises due to incompetence or low liquidity. While the company’s management might open itself up to civil claims, there may not be any criminal intent. Straightening things out during the investigation process might prevent an indictment.

Although an entrepreneur or telemarketer may face formal charges, the prosecutor may still have a weak case. A defendant could attempt to refute all evidence that points to fraudulent intent.

If the evidence points to criminal conduct, a defendant may seek to plea bargain. For some, a plea arrangement may reduce prison time and financial penalties well below the maximum the law allows.