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Teens and prescription drugs

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Drug Offenses |

Prescription drug abuse continues to be a problem in Florida and throughout the United States. Prescription pill dependency issues do not only afflict adults, as many teens struggle with these controlled substances. A younger person may not realize there could be serious legal consequences for using illegally obtained prescription drugs.

Illegal use of prescriptions

Teens may illegally acquire drugs not prescribed to them in many ways. They could take them from a relative or purchase the contraband on the streets. Anyone using or possessing certain drugs without a prescription may face criminal charges. Common drugs procured illegally include opioids and amphetamines. Using these drugs without a doctor’s oversight could increase the potential for addiction and overdoses.

Some young persons may give away or sell small amounts of prescription drugs to friends. Such behavior is also criminal and might result in an arrest and prosecution. Still, the young person remains entitled to a defense.

Defending drug crimes

Drug charges related to prescription drugs may include possession or possession with intent to sell. If the accused has a small number of drugs on them, suggestions that they wanted to sell the drugs might be dubious. Also, a teen might not know drugs are inside their car or on their person, which could undermine possession charges.

Illegal actions by the police could lead to a dismissal of charges due to evidence being inadmissible. Illegal searches and seizures might result in a motion to suppress evidence.

A teen could face credible charges with a high probability of conviction at trial. Defendants in such situations might consider a plea bargain deal. Nonviolent offenders and those with no previous criminal history may ask for leniency in sentencing. Such steps might lead to less punitive decisions from the court.