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Answering Your Criminal Defense Questions

When someone finds themselves facing criminal charges, they often need answers to their many questions. Information can be a powerful tool that leads you to make the right decisions for your future. To find the answers you need, speak with me at my office at Presser Law Firm. I am Florida attorney Shlomi Presser, and I am here to answer some of your important early questions, such as those below.

What should I say to the police?

Even innocent people should refrain from speaking openly to the police before or after an arrest. Saying the wrong thing may make you a bigger suspect, or it may make it nearly impossible to defend yourself if they press charges. Allow an attorney to speak on your behalf to protect your best interests.

How long will my case last?

There are a lot of variables that affect the length of criminal charges. The more severe the charges, the longer things will often last. Normally, it can take a few months to resolve things. If you are facing felony charges, it can take a year or longer to resolve.

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

There are many ways a crime can qualify for one class of crime or the other. If a crime occurs in multiple states, is severe enough or involves a major amount of criminal activity, it can qualify as a felony. Felony charges also result in over a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines.

Do I need a lawyer?

Anyone facing criminal charges, whether they are innocent or not, should have an attorney at their side. A skilled lawyer can keep you from receiving additional charges, negotiate for reduced sentencing, get a judge to dismiss your case or even overcome your charges entirely. If the police or anyone else tries to convince you that a lawyer will make things more complicated or that getting one makes you look guilty, do not trust them.

Begin Planning Your Defense

I am an aggressive defender of my clients, and I work tirelessly to defend them. Meet with me at my office in Fort Lauderdale by calling 954-613-9217 or emailing me here. If you are already facing charges or think you will be soon, now is the best time to reach out to me, so act today.