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Drug Cases

Problem With A Drug Case?

Florida law has severe punishments for drug crimes of all types. The amount of drugs, the type of drugs, and the circumstances of the arrest will all play a part in the type of charge and potential penalties you face. Criminal offenses like driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a controlled substance and the sale/distribution or trafficking of drugs are all prosecuted heavily in this state.

Penalties For Drug Cases In Florida

Jail time – Imprisonment for possession of illegal drugs, possession with intent to sell/distribute, prescription fraud, trafficking or distribution of drugs, cultivation of illegal drugs, manufacturing illegal drugs, sale of controlled substances or transportation of illegal drugs can range from one year in jail up to life in prison depending on the facts and circumstances. To make matters worse, Florida has harsh minimum mandatory prison sentences for many types and quantities of controlled substances.

A minimum mandatory sentence means the judge has no discretion and must sentence you to that mandatory prison term, unless there are some extenuating circumstances.

Secondary penalties – Under Florida law, along with the possibility of going to jail or prison, someone who is convicted of a drug offense may suffer additional consequences such as mandatory fines, driver’s license suspensions, court-ordered drug rehabilitation programs and other “secondary penalties.”

What I Can Do

There are many potential defenses to drug cases, as well as many potential outcomes. I look at all cases to determine if the state can prove the charges against you. I look at everything from the basis for the stop and initial detention/investigation all the way up to the arrest and evidence that was collected. But more than just looking at whether the state can legally proceed with your case, I also look at potential alternative sentencing resolutions, such as counseling or treatment, which may be available in some cases. Each case is different, and having an attorney by your side to walk you through the process is crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome for you in your matter. It is never too soon to start mounting your defense! Call me now to learn more about how I defend these cases before the case is formally filed.