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You Have Rights.
I’ll Fight For You

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Combatting Suspended License Charges

Driving while having a suspended license may be a matter of urgency, but it is still a serious offense. Whether you need to do something for your children, get to work on time or do anything else, you still need to be ready to fight to defend yourself against your charges.

At Presser Law Firm, you can find the defender you need to help you with your case. I am attorney Shlomi Presser, and I am ready to use my decades of criminal defense experience to aid you in securing the best results possible in your criminal charges.

Do Not Underestimate Your Charges

While an early offense for a suspended license can result in a fine of a few hundred dollars and some points on your license, there is more at stake than you may expect. These charges can also cause your insurance premiums to increase for several years or permanently. Too many points on your record can mean more serious consequences than just a suspended license.

Multiple offenses can also make it harder to overcome future offenses as well. If you show a history of reckless driving, it can make it harder for your attorney to reduce or beat your charges. My goal as your attorney is to explore all options of reducing charges and sentencing, dismissing your charges or successfully beating them in court by crafting a custom-tailored solution to help you.

Let Me Stand For You

It can be hard to know what to do to fight your suspended license charges properly, so let my experience be your advantage in your defense. Call me at 954-764-1080 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation at my office in Fort Lauderdale and see for yourself how committed to helping you I am.