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Defending Your Right To Bear Arms

Although this nation grants us all the right to bear arms, there are still laws and regulations that we all need to obey. When someone violates these laws, either by choice or by accident, they need to act quickly to defend themselves or they may risk permanently losing their right to bear arms.

My name is Shlomi Presser, and I am a Florida criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience protecting clients in need of a strong defense. At Presser Law Firm, you can find the defense you deserve from an aggressive attorney who is committed to your needs. There is a lot at stake with weapons charges, and I am ready to help you fight to secure the best results possible in your defense.

Preventative Action To Combat Your Charges

Weapons charges are a unique situation because they can often pair with other offenses to make them worse. A weapons offense paired with another crime often elevates the other crime to an “aggravated” offense. Additionally, the consequences of your weapons charges can be worse if you already have a felony on your record or if the alleged actions were a part of gang activity.

I take the time to ensure that I understand the unique factors of your charges to build a defense that suits those needs. Once I know the details of your case, I explore all possible options of defending you, reducing the charges and sentencing or getting a court to drop the charges entirely. I do not settle for “good enough” in my cases, and neither should you.

Begin Protecting Your Rights

The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I can begin helping you. Call 954-613-9217 or email me here to meet with me and discuss your situation. Schedule your initial consultation today to meet with me at my office in Fort Lauderdale and take the first step in creating your defense.